Tree Care

  • Pruning & Restoration
  • Cabling & Bracing
  • Tree Removal
  • Tree Planting
  • Insect Management
  • Disease Management

Specialty Services

  • Orchard Management
  • Tree Swings & More
  • Tree Risk Assessment
  • Development Tree Plan
  • Lightning Protection 
  • Root & Soil Care
Durango's Tree Care Experts

Guiding Your Trees To Long and Healthy Lives

We feel calm near trees. Our lives are enriched by the peacefulness they provide, which reduces stress and fatigue and increases happiness, besides providing the oxygen we breathe! Trees are beneficial from the time of planting, and continue to grow in beauty as they mature. Trees provide abundant value, but in order to maximize a tree’s benefits, routine maintenance is required.
That’s where Momentum Tree Experts comes in.

We take care of the trees, so they can take care of us!

Momentum Tree Experts Team
A Certified Arborist On Every Job

Tree Care Services

Momentum’s approach blends artistry with the science of professional arborcare to improve the health, vitality and beauty of your trees.

Pruning & Restoration

Tree Trimming For Healthy Trees

Tree Removal

Professional & Safe Removal

Cabling & Bracing​

Structural Support For Your Trees

Tree Planting

Let's Get Growing!

Insect & Disease Management

Integrated Approach to Maintaining Tree Health

Specialty Services

From Swings to Orchards

Wildlife Protection

We have obtained special certification to protect wildlife. And we comply with all federal and state wildlife laws.

Pre-Work Surveys are Conducted

Our pre-work survey includes searching for active nests and other signs that sensitive wildlife is involved.

Trained for Action

We are trained to take appropriate action, including caring for injured or orphaned animals.

News and Events

Momentum Moments